Players on Servers – Oxford City Go Club

This is intended as an approximate (historical) record of Go players who have been members of, or simply attended, either the Oxford City Go Club, or the Oxford University Go Society, and who are known to play on one (or more) of the Internet Go Servers.

Here we provide the names, together with the handles/logins/avatars and rank on each server. We show their last known rank on that server -- WARNING -- this rank information may be very out-of-date!


Person||   Kiseido (KGS)| Internet (IGS)| Dragon (DGS)| CyberOro| Online (OGS)| Yahoo

Phill Burns (1)||  shikasta [4k]|-|-|-|-|-
Phill Burns (2)||  fnord23 [4k-]|-|-|-|-|-
John Holt||  fringe [7k?]|-|-|-|-|-
Joe Hurd||  selfpin [9k]|-|-|-|-|-
Guy Plowman (1)||  Ariston [4k]|-|-|-|-|-
Guy Plowman (2)  ||  Phil0s0phy (zeros) [4k]|-|-|-|-|
Matt Scott||  mattscott [1d]|-|-|-|-|-
David Waterman||  upintheair [13k]|-|-|-|-|-
Nick Wedd||  maproom [3k]|-|-|-|maproom [7k]|-
Alexis Vlandas||  alexisV [8k]|-|-|-|-|-

Person||   Kiseido (KGS)| Internet (IGS)| Dragon (DGS)| CyberOro| Online (OGS)| Yahoo

Sensei's Library provides descriptions of, and links to, a wide range of internet Go Servers, and also a helpful international comparison of grades.

If you want to have your name added/removed, or other information updated, please email (sorry - remove "ZZZ" from email address)

Visit the web page for the Oxford City Go Club.

Last updated: 2007-04-23