Simon Eve Memorial Supper, 6.30, Saturday, May 18th, 2019

When, and Where?

The Supper will be held almost immediately following prizegiving at the 2019 Oxford Go Tournament – to start at 6.30 on Saturday May 19th 2019. We will finish by 8.30 pm to give poeople a chance to get home. The tournament itself is being held at the Oxford Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre, St Ebbe’s, Oxford, OX1 1RL.

Here is a google streetview, with map.

Thai Street Kitchen is on the ground floor, but we will be eating our meal in the Nosebag (pink building) on the first floor.

Perhaps, you can locate it more accurately with What3words – junior.rally.atoms. Maybe use Satellite View :-)

The Simon Eve Memorial Supper will be Thai cuisine, at:
    Thai Street Kitchen, 6 St Michael's Street, Oxford, OX1 2DU (their website),
which is also in the Town Centre – even closer to both the Bus Station, and the Rail Station – only a few minutes walk away from the tournament venue.


The cost will be approx £20 per head, for a 2-course meal (Starter and Main), and 10% tip. They will provide complimentary tea, for free. You will pay separately for any other drinks that you want.

There is a good choice of Vegetarian/Vegan dishes. You can check out the menus via this page. We will choose from the All Day Menu, and the (slightly overlapping) Vegetarian/Vegan Menu.

Apparently, we can also choose from the Lunch Menu. Re "item 114 -- Keuytiew Nam": we can choose from Chicken, Pork, and also the other two (Duck, and Beef, or Mushroom?). If you choose any of the items 112, 115, 116, or 118, then an additional side order of rice will also be needed (at an extra charge of £2.50 - £3.00).

The plan is that we will order in advance, so that the food will be ready for us as soon as we arrive at the restaurant at 6.30 pm. We will order the food on the Saturday morning, so – to avoid delays – you will need to tell us precisely what items you want, well beforehand. We will need not only the menu item number, but if there is a choice – e.g. Beef/Chicken/Prawn – please specify. Thank you. Please tell us by email ASAP. You must tell me of any food allergies that you have, so that we can tell the restaurant, in advance. Thank you.

We will collect £20.00 (NOT RETURNABLE) from you at tournament registration (making any necessary adjustments later).

Booking, and placing your order early

Please book – with us, not the restaurant! To do this send your menu choices as an email – with Subject Line "Simon Eve Memorial Supper" to, and also cc'd to – you can do this by clicking here. Please do this ASAP, since this will be very helpful to the organizers. Thank you.

Simon Eve

Simon was an enthusiastic Go player who lived in Henley-on-Thames, but latterly had played mainly in the Oxford City Go Club. He often brought with him both his friend Dave Smewing, and his nephew, Felix Eve. He sometimes also brought his partner Ali Welch, and even got his brother Alex to supplement his attendance at his local Milton Keynes Club with visits to us at Oxford.

After the 2007 Oxford Go Tournament, Simon organized a very enjoyable meal for about a dozen Go players. It was hoped that this would be extended, in years to come, to include more players from the Midlands and the South of England. Sadly, less than 3 months after the Oxford Tournament – on Friday 4th May 2007 – Simon died suddenly. Since then, we have had this meal to continue what he started.

He is missed by many friends, and Go players. The Supper is intended to be a chance for us all to meet Go players we normally meet only over the Go board, and for those who knew him to take part in a joyful remembrance of his life.

Last updated: 17 May 2019

Please send any questions by e-mail to the organiser