FAQ: Problems with Harry Fearnley's "Go/Baduk/WeiQi Bookmarks/Favourites"

These are some notes on problems with Harry Fearnley's Go/Baduk/WeiQi Bookmarks/Favourites

What the Bookmarks are, and what they are not

My Bookmarks are my everday, working, bookmarks (as used by Netscape). The descriptions that are provided for the links are usually what the owner of the page supplies as the contents of the HTML tag <TITLE> ... </TITLE> field. Occasionally, I have changed this if it seemed necessary.

Categories, and "Star" Ratings: The categories that I use make some sense to me, but I am prepared to change them if it will help lots of other people. If you find something in the wrong category, please tell me -- thanks. The Star ratings -- [***], [**], [*] -- are fairly arbitrary, and reflect my prejudices! I have not been systematic in providing Star ratings.

Avoiding duplication, and out-of-date links: I check many of the links, by hand, about once a year -- I really need to do this automatically -- can anyone help with a tool to do this? (I use Netscape 6 -- probably, Netscape 7 soon).

Known problems -- some solutions sought

Still got problems? Offering help? ...

Please send an email to the bookmarks maintainer (Harry Fearnley) at bookmarks@NOSPAMgoban.demon.co.uk (sorry! -- remove "NOSPAM")