{Obtained from http://www.helsinki.fi/~msiivola/go.html, and dependent pages on 1998/11/13. Reformatted/edited for clarity and correct HTML.}

Copy of Matti Siivola's work on Rulesets


I have created various interesting positions considering the different rulesets of GO. Here is a diagram of position which illustrates the principal difference of Japanese and Chinese rules. What is the status?

This is diagram 2, where using Japanese Nihon Ki-in 1989 rules might produce an unexpected result. What is the status? Doesone need to capture?

This is diagram 3, It was shown to me by T. Mark Hall. Consider Ing rules. Is it a fighting ko or a balanced ko?

Diagram 4 shows Ing's triple hot stones. I created the first version 1983 and Mr. Ing had to extend his list of hot stones and double hot stones with triple hot stones.

Diagram 5 introduces a tesuji filling your own eye by Ing rules.

Some of the positions in a more nice format edited by Fred Hansen.