"Go" on Postage Stamps

Here are some postage stamps which have Go scenes on them. These were posted by someone else ( I am sorry -- I have no record of the person who kindly did this) some time ago, and then disappeared! If you have information about -- or pictures of -- other stamps please let me know. If you have further details about the stamps pictured below, please let me know, and I will place them here.

Stamp 0

[Go Postage Stamp 0]

Stamp 1

[Go Postage Stamp 1]

Stamp 2

[Go Postage Stamp 2]

Stamp 3

[Go Postage Stamp 3]

Stamp 4

[Go Postage Stamp 4]

Stamp 5

[Go Postage Stamp 5]

Stamp 6

[Go Postage Stamp 6]

Stamp 7

[Go Postage Stamp 7]

Stamp 8

[Go Postage Stamp 8]

Stamp 9

[Go Postage Stamp 9]

Last Updated 1998/11/13

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