Oxford Go Club welcomes Korean Professionals -- 6th April 2006

On Thursday 6th April 2006, Oxford Go Club welcomes:

We also welcome visitors from other Go clubs and/or the Korean community in UK. We extend an invitation to members of the Oxford University Korea Society, the Oxford Chinese Students and Scholars Association, and Oxford University Japan Society.

We hope to have simultaneous play, and game commentary, with Hajin Lee and HaeWon Han.

There are further details, photos, etc of the visitors, and of the Korean Ambassador's Cup events that bring them to Europe.

The previous day -- Wednesday 5th April -- they will visit New Malden, as the guests of Mr Kim, of the New Malden Baduk Hall (Club details here). Mr Kim has kindly extended an invitation for this event to members of the British Go Association. There are further details of the venue (N.B. NOT the Baduk Hall!), and directions, maps etc.

When, and where?

We meet in LR 3, Thom Building, Department of Engineering Science, Parks Road, Oxford.

Arrival from 7:00 pm, with Tea/Coffee, and biscuits, available.

Meeting starts 7:30 pm. We expect to finish the main meeting by about 10:00 pm


Our professional visitors -- HaJin Lee, and HaeWon Han -- are very generously giving their time for free. There is therefore no charge. However, BGA members are asked to make a contribution of GBP 10 (GBP 5 unwaged) towards room hire, and refreshments.

How to get there

The venue is just north of the city centre (less than 10 minutes walk), and about 5 minutes walk (east) from our normal club venue in Freuds Cafe.

The Department of Engineering Science has detailed advice on getting there, by road and rail. That page has links to a couple of maps -- the more useful map shows the buildings, and the private car-parking, and the other one shows the wider picture.

Note that pedestrians, bus-, and taxi-users should start at Banbury Road. You will find a 2 metre wide metal staircase to the left of the building, which will take you to the first floor entrance to Reception. There will be plenty of signs! This is marked "R" on "the more useful map" link above.

A "streetmap" map shows the location. You can also see the Railway station (bottom left, and about 15 minutes walk), Coach Station (bottom centre -- Gloucester Green -- near "Beaum. St. A4144", and less than 10 minutes walk).


We have a limited number of Free "visitor" parking permits -- if you are likely to want one of these, please contact the organiser in advance, if possible. For "visitor" parking, when coming from the north (A4165), go down Parks Rd, and use first available entrance on right -- use spaces marked "DF", obtain parking permit from organiser, and display (else pay GBP 90 fine!) -- this is marked "P" on the "useful map" link above.

There is also normal Pay-and-Display parking nearby (Keble Road -- can enter from Parks Road, only), or on St Giles.

Last minute help?

Please contact the organiser, Harry Fearnley, on his mobile phone.


The organiser is Harry Fearnley:

Home Tel: 01865 248775

Work Tel: 01865 273928 (NOT on Thursday 6th April!)

Email: koreans2006@goban.demon.co.uk

mobile phone (emergency/ last-minute)-- 07801 373749.