Oxford-Cambridge Go Match, Sunday Feb 17th 2013

Spectators are very welcome

If possible, please send an email to the organiser, first. Thank you. (Sorry - remove "ZZZ" from email address).

When and Where?

Last-minute fine details are still being discussed. We will have a match on Sunday, 17th February 2013. On the previous day (Saturday 16th), the Oxford Go Tournament is being held in the same venue.

We currently expect that there will be eleven players on each side. Cambridge will field the British Champion, Andrew Kay. They will also have the highest-rated player on either side, Li Shen (6 dan). However, the teams are fairly evenly matched, so it is possible that Oxford might win again, following last year's unusual success against Cambridge.

There will be combined Town and Gown teams. The main focus of interest will be the Gown match between the Oxford Student Go Society and the Cambridge University Go Society. However, there will also be a Town match between the Oxford City Go Club and Town players from the Cambridge City Club.

Current Outline

A Brief History

The first Oxford-Cambridge Go Match was held in 1966, and was won by the Cambridge University Go Society. Sadly, this was usually the case. However, in the late 1960s, a well-crafted system of pairings led to a narrow, and unexpected, victory for Oxford!

Matches have been held irregularly over the years since then, Although Cambridge have usually been stronger than Oxford, there was one memorable occasion, in November 1973, when Oxford beat Cambridge by 10 games to 6.

The result in 2011 – Cambridge 6 : Oxford 0 – was almost forgotten when, in 2012, Oxford won 8–7.

Comments/ Questions? Send email to the organiser – Click to send email to organizer (sorry - remove "ZZZ" from email address)

St Edmund Hall

The match will be held in the centre of Oxford – in the Pontigny Room, St Edmund Hall, one of the oldest and prettiest of the Oxford colleges. The address is:
St Edmund Hall
Queens Lane

The College provides travel information with details of how to get there by road & rail, together with some maps, notably a useful map (in PDF format) of all of central Oxford, showing the College, Bus & Rail stations, etc.

Car parking nearby is not practicable, so car drivers are strongly advised to use the Oxford Park-and-Ride system, and find their way to the adjacent Queen's Lane bus stops, in the High Street.

There are specialised maps of Oxford from Daily Information, and information on the Council-run car parks. The nearest Council car park is St Clement's – follow the link on the page above. Forget Free (long-term) Parking in Oxford! The nearest place which does not have restrictions (except lack of space!) is about 15 minutes walk from the venue,

The college is about 10-15 minutes walk from the bus station, and about 20 minutes walk from the train station. If you have any questions about travel to/from the tournament, please contact the tournament organiser (please see above), rather than the college.

Here is Google maps (with Streetview) – St Edmund Hall is 20 metres up Queen's Lane, on the right-hand side:

View Larger Map, showing college location!

... and here are some other interactive maps: